expo zaragoza

El concurso está organizado en el marco de la EXPO-2008
(Zaragoza, España)

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con la ayuda de los servicios


Joe Andex, serie Вода и Свет

Загрузка изображения. Пожалуйста, подождите.



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At home, Polly ran and rode, coasted and skated, jumped rope and raked hay, worked in her garden and rowed her boat; so no wonder she longed for something more lively than a daily promenade with a flock of giddy girls, who tilted along in high-heeled boots, and costumes which made Polly ashamed to be seen with some of them. michael kors outlet store So she used to slip out alone sometimes, when Fanny was absorbed in novels, company, or millinery, and get fine brisk walks round the park, on the unfashionable side, where the babies took their airings; or she went inside, to watch the boys coasting, and to wish she could coast too, as she did at home. She never went far, and always came back rosy and gay.On the hill, some little girls were playing with their sleds, real little girls, in warm hoods and coats, rubber boots and mittens, and Polly felt drawn toward them in spite of her fear of Fan. gI want to go down, but I dars n't, it 's so steep, said one of louis vuitton outlet store these common children, as Maud called them. gIf you 'll lend me your sled, and sit in my lap, I 'll take you down all nice, answered Polly, in a confidential tone. gThe little girls took a look at her, seemed satisfied, and accepted her offer.Grandma was the only one who stood by poor old Tom; and Polly more than once discovered him doing something kind for Madam, and seeming very much ashamed when it was found out. He was n't respectful at all; he called her the old lady, and told her he would n't be fussed over; but when anything was the matter, he always went to the old lady, and was very grateful for the Louis Vuitton Outlet fussing. Polly liked him for this, and often wanted to speak of it; but she had a feeling that it would n't do, for in praising their affection, she was reproaching others with neglect; so she held her tongue, and thought about it all the more. Grandma was rather neglected, too, and perhaps that is the reason why Tom and she were such good friends.Polly felt this; and as she missed the home-petting, gladly showed that she liked to see the quiet old face brighten, as she entered the solitary room, where few children came, except the phantoms of little sons and daughters, who, to the motherly heart that loved them, never faded or grew up. Polly wished Louis Vuitton Bags the children would be kinder to grandma; but it was not for her to tell them so, although it troubled her a good deal, and she could only try to make up for it by being as dutiful and affectionate as if their grandma was her own. gAnother thing that disturbed Polly was the want of exercise. To dress up and parade certain streets for an hour every day, to stand talking in doorways, or drive out in a fine carriage, was not the sort of exercise she liked, and Fan would take no other.gLet 'em take it, it is n't good for much; and you come on mine. Mazeppa's a stunner; you see if he is n't. www.louisvuitton.com gSo Polly tucked herself up in front, Tom hung on behind in some mysterious manner, and Mazeppa proved that he fully merited his master's sincere if inelegant praise. They got on capitally now, for Tom was in his proper sphere, and showed his best side, being civil and gay in the bluff boy-fashion that was natural to him; while Polly forgot to be shy, and liked this sort of toughening much better than the other.Do you think it was very dreadful of me? asked Polly, looking at him. gI think it was downright jolly; and I won't tell, if you don't want me to. 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